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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Hannah Ranieri
Other Credits Professor Lisa Marks
Completion Date February 2019
Project Location Atlanta, GA
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Entry Description

A tribute to modern construction, SEVEN is constructed of concrete, steel, and glass. The delicate, curved metal is consumed by a blunt chunk of concrete in an interesting juxtaposition of masculine and feminine forms. Designed to emit ambient light throughout a room, SEVEN is the perfect statement lamp to illuminate a modern environment.

SEVEN delivers diffuse, comfortable illumination that is easily configured to meet varying lighting needs and user preferences. By integrating controls into subtle hardware features, SEVEN enables users to discreetly adjust both the intensity and chromaticity of light. Utilization of smart-lamp technology also enables the same control capabilities from smart phones and other hand-held devices.

Enhanced user control makes it easy to dial-in the perfect mix of brightness and color for any indoor application. SEVEN combines this with comfortable, efficient illumination delivered by a modern aesthetic form.

Please visit for a detailed look at the process of building SEVEN.