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Guruvayoor Temple Koothambalam

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lighting Spaces
Lead Designers Anusha Muthusubramanian
Other Designer's names DD Architects
Other Credits Targetti, GOJIS Lifestyle
Completion Date February 2020 completion
Project Location Guruvayoor India
Entry Description

Heritage structure inside a world renown temple in the city of Guruvayoor, is a symbol of rich culture are artisanship that is exhibited through the intricately detailed wood structure. Koothambalam or Performance hall is inside the temple complex and is at least a century old. Lighting concept was to highlight the exquisite carpentry and visually modelling the form. Lighting was to subtly reflect the spiritual aura by discreetly sculpting the structure through light.Soft linear uplights incorporated within the wooden beams accentuates the unique visual array that brings out visual order. The carved parapet has a concealed linear lighting providing floor wash. The peripheral columns have concealed spots highlighting the column. The four columns on the center aisle are lit by narrow spots with elliptical beam lens. The roof of the altar is illuminated by two medium beam spots. The ceiling of the altar is highlighted by linear LED strips. Ambient lighting is provided by wide beam fixtures mounted on the top beam and is not visible from viewer's line of sight. Exterior lighting comprises of plinth and peripheral column highlight that reinforces the visual rhythm.