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Yokoyama Residence

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Lead Designers Yoshiko Yoshimura
Completion Date April 2019
Project Location Hiroshima, Japan
Entry Description

Yokoyama Residence was built near The Kintai Bridge,(one of Japan's three famous bridges) surrounded by the surrounding mountains, which is a castle town in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The design of the wooden building blends with the surrounding nature and the neighborhood, and the ceiling has a beautiful finish of natural materials. Therefore, if a hole is made in the ceiling with a lighting device such as a downlight, the beautiful ceiling will be spoiled. Therefore, the ceiling lighting is limited to indirect light from the wall, and a sense of brightness is obtained by visual illuminance. In addition, we considered that there is no stress due to difficulty in viewing so that certain brightness can be obtained in areas that require brightness, such as kitchens and dining areas. Especially in dining, there is usually a problem that the table layout cannot be moved when lighting fixtures are distributed from the ceiling with pendants. Therefore, the table can be moved freely by using the floor stand. I think that the place where people live must be a comfortable space and to spend more richly that is free from daily stress and makes you want to go home anytime.