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Rotonda della Besana

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
University Politecnico Di Milano
Lead Designers Raymond Joshua
Completion Date 28/07/2019
Project Location Milan, Italy
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Entry Description

Unusual, romantic, mysterious, ideal for those with a sense of curiosity, because from outside it is impossible to guess what lies inside. It is like a precious jewel, appreciated because it is hidden between the traffic and modern buildings of everyday Milan.
The aim in the present study is to put an emphasis on the interaction between two elements of art; light and the monument; and the interaction between the human and the monument regarding the psychological, physical and sociological factors, furthermore to expose light’s increasing prevalence and importance at the outdoors.Light is approached in an integrated way, both conceptual and practical way.

Eugenio Montale once compared Milan to a huge conglomerate of hermits. At Rotonda della Besana, the desolation the great poet immortalized turns into an unexpected, delicate joy: sure, there are “hermits” – men and women quietly sitting on the benches, deep in the books they are reading – but there are also flocks of children playing. Quiet grown-ups and joyful kids make a great mix, which even Montale would have appreciated.