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Acoustic Luminous

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Elite Lighting
Lead Designers Grish Matavoosi
Project Location Los Angeles, CA
Entry Description

This fully luminous LED flat panel delivers exceptional performance
and aesthetically pleasing optics, optimizing shallow plenum
spaces. Along with the value of the acoustic insert, it provides the
solution to high noise levels found in open, multi-functional spaces.
The dimensions of the insert is 3” vertically on the short side,
extending to 4” on the long side. It can be either recessed inside
the T-Bar frame of the ceiling, exposing the T-Bar frame, or surface
mounted to the T-Bar frame, covering it to match the insert. The
combination achieves both required light and sound levels, while
enhancing the look and comfort of the space. An ideal source for
educational, office, restaurant and hospitality applications