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Gravity: H&M flagship store Oslo

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Zenisk AS
Lead Designers Kristin Bredal with Hadeland Glassverk, Producer
Completion Date december 2018
Project Location Oslo, Norway
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Entry Description

The chandelier complements the 26m high atrium and gives the room a wow effect. It is designed to look attractive in daylight as much as illuminated by artificial light.

Visible partly from entrance and floor plan of the atrium, the chandelier invites with its subtle form. As the visitor steps into the large room, they are surprised and welcomed by the large, yet delicate structure. With its volume of approximately 150 cubic meters, it complements the room, yet gives it an airy and spacious feeling.

The chandelier extends from level 6 down to level 1 and fills the atrium with handmade glass balls with air bubbles with and without light.
At the top of the chandelier, a higher concentration of transparent globes reflects and captures the daylight, while the lower part has a greater concentration of glowing globes. This creates a feeling of daylight flowing into the room far bellow the glass roof on the 7th floor. The concept "gravity" is reflected both in the arrangement of elements and the distribution of light.

The structure is mounted on motorised tracks and wires, which allows for easy maintenance from ground floor. Each wire acts both as a suspension and a current feed.