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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Sutton Vane Associates
Lead Designers Mark and Edward Sutton Vane & Julie O’Reilly
Completion Date 2017 - 2019
Project Location The Science Museum, London, U.K.
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Entry Description

Sutton Vane Associates designed an innovative lighting scheme on two floors at the Museum. They put lighting layers in the space in order to provide lighting that can be adapted to a huge range of events. Multi functional rooms have been transformed into an engaging and original experience using cutting edge lighting technology.

The connection between DMX and Bluetooth has been achieved.

A special app was developed to control colors and light levels and manipulate dynamic and sensational color effects. The app is intuitive making the control of sophisticated lighting easy.

The custom-made luminaires fit the minimalistic style: On level 4 a grid of linear lights that can be any colour, can ripple, make moving patterns or provide functional white light of any shade.

On level 5 the circular pendants are more flexible: Their up and down light can be different. A large circular back lit panel over the stairs connecting the levels creates wonderful patterns or plain color to match the theme of the event.

Scene setting possibilities from a bright white contemporary, to a warm evening setting and color branding are all possible.

Illuminate is very successful and fully booked.