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O.T. 976

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Studio Stefan Reiss
Lead Designers Stefan Reiss
Completion Date 2018 / 2019
Project Location Amsterdam Light Festival
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Entry Description

O.T. 976 is an installation with video projection.

The basis of all my works is the examination of the long history of sculpture and installation on the one hand and modern, social changes, technical inventions and future developments on the other.

We are currently in the process of implementing one of the greatest transformations in recent history: the digital transformation. But with this transformation a new insurmountable gap occurs between our self, the human body and its digital representation (e.g. on social media channels). All current digital technologies lack essential sensory experiences, precisely because they can usually only be experienced via a screen.

My great interest in modern technologies, but also the almost overpowering development of digital media, led to a completely new confrontation with contemporary sculpture: the fusion of sculptural form and the digital world. My very own interest is in the sense of touch and the spatial understanding of this world. For me, therefore, a modern sculpture must be both real and spatially experienceable, with the whole body and all the senses. At the same time, it has to open the door to an exciting digital world.