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Vector Field

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Jason Bruges Studio
Lead Designers Jason Bruges
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Dallas Lovefield Airport
Entry Description

Vector Field It is a site-specific media artwork, suspended above a moving walkway, at Dallas Love Field Airport in Texas. It was created in response to a brief from the City of Dallas that required a feature artwork that would evoke the spirit of flight and provide a positive experience for travellers. To be launched for the airport’s 100th year anniversary in September 2018, the artwork needed to be an uplifting and celebratory signal towards the future.
In order to mark this milestone in the airport’s history, Vector Field is comprised of 100 individually addressable LED rings suspended in a voxel arrangement. Interestingly, the first moving walkway in an airport was at Love Field. JBS also wanted to pay homage to this piece of history so were inspired to create a work that responds to the movement of people.
The artwork reads people’s movement using heat sensors (GridEye) which inform carefully programmed algorithms to drive the generative flow of light. The rings are bespoke and were developed in-house through an intensive R&D process.
The resulting artwork successfully breathes a sense of life into the terminal, engages people with the natural environment of Dallas.