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Harbour City Plaza

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tungsten-Studio
Lead Designers Zhong Ming, Tang Zhen, Tan Liangheng,Pu Yaoyao
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description

Harbour City Plaza, lying in the core of Lingang Special Area and facing towards the lake, is the first complete urban complex project among 16 blocks in Shanghai Pilot FTZ. The design scheme of project combines multi-function forms, blended urban park, enclosed blocks and courtyards, green and low-carbon combination, and integrated underground spaces.The main tower is the visual core of the whole area. The lighting forms an artistic centripetal force, which radiates and integrated the buildings and urban gardens nearby, presenting an oriental mood of courtyard roaming and a sense of architectural cohesion.The luminaries are designed in high combination with tower shading system. It illuminates the facade in a subtle way as thin as cicada wing, getting a delicate aurora dynamic lighting effect. At night, it presents an unparalleled visual appeal together with lighting of huge inner courtyard elevation. Lighting through the glass at the bottom of the podium injects the site with a sense of light and future.The lighting control system and strict anti-glare technology are adopted to make a balance of various lighting scenes and energy consumption.