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Antel Arena

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Estudio Hofstadter
Lead Designers Florencia Revello-Carlos Buzzo-Joel Fregosi
Completion Date 2018-2019
Project Location Montevideo Uruguay
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Entry Description

Antel Arena is the new sports and shows center, built by Antel the telecommunications company in Uruguay. Opened in 2019 and surrounded by a public park, emerges an outstanding single volume selected thought the basis of a contest, wined by Bacchetta - Flores – Carámbula Architects. The façade based on a double skin of diffuse polycarbonate, integrates RGBW narrow beamed fixtures. At night it becomes a “light box” in continuous communication with the city.
Each facade panel contains five luminaires operated by DMX control system, generating a pixel of significant dimension, that turns it into a dynamic façade. Since the fixtures were located inside the panels it was a significant visual challenge not only as the main communication of the building trough the exterior but also as a complement of the interior lighting in dialogue with the audience. The visual communication with the environment is achieved with the programing of different scenes, for the variety uses of the Arena that goes from musical shows, holiday celebrations to sports events.