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Huijin International Financial Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing Puri Lighting Design
Lead Designers Fang Hu
Project Location Jinan, Shandong, China
Entry Description

The greatest attraction of the building is that it has some irregular geometric holes on the crystal-like rectangular body. It could achieve the purpose of introducing lights and ventilation. It creates a sparkling, crystal-like, new urban architecture of the twilight goddess rather than leave a traditional image to people. The lighting design follows this concept, a changing light color was used to combine light with glass to create a crystal clear look. In this project, the reflective rate of glass is the toughest challenge we have to face. The problem lies in how to make the light fall on the glass in a right way. At the same time, the glass that can reflect the light can satisfy a certain light transmittance without affecting the indoor daytime lighting in the building. After discussing the specific parameters of the glass with the architects and the curtain wall engineers, we chose three combinations of light for the illumination of the building-chamber.In terms of form, in addition to the illumination inside the chamber, we used the horizontal lines between the interlayer boards to add horizontal light to the building, so a partition with rhythms was delivered visually.