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Condominio Jardim das Macaúbas

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Alalux
Lead Designers Norah Turchetti
Completion Date from ends of 2015 till May2019
Project Location Minas Gerais - Brazil
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Entry Description

The light delights!

It is a residential landholding enterprise in the countryside of Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state with simple and welcoming characteristics, historically the cradle of culture and where there is still a great mining activity of gold and iron ore.

Space was artistically designed, sensitizing people through homage to great personalities of the Brazilian arts, by naming streets, avenues and squares, such as the composers and writers.
Lighting implantation was based on the poetic relationship between people and nature and was inspired by the creative talent of the honored artists, perceptible through the personal aesthetics of each one, seeking to combine architectural and landscape parameters with the creative freedom that light favors.
Landscaping lighting only works in tune with the surroundings and creates harmony and enchantment.

The freedom to use colors, as red and amber that allude to the mining activity that emerges abundantly from Minas Gerais territory, enabled the best results regarding the concept.

The meeting of light with poetry: poetry illuminates and light makes poems!