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LCM Mall Rainbow Bridge

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Xin Tian,Tao Qu, Ying Zhu, Sicheng Yu
Completion Date SEP. 2018
Project Location Shanghai, China
Entry Description

LCM Plaza is located in the core area of Yangjing blocks of Pudong New District, Shanghai. The building is only 5km to the east of Lujiazui Financial Center, and very close to the Luoshan elevated road,which is a segment of the inner ring road of the city.LCM Plaza The project includes a shopping center,four high-rise office buildings. Inspired of the slogan'Lets's Create More', LCM gets its name and aims at shaping a new lanmrk of the exciting and creative
lifestyle. Design, concept, layout, or commerce,efforts are made and innovative thoughts are put into details in quite a lot of aspects, such as shopping experiences, interactive art sets and educational programms.
The rainbow bridge is an important entrance to this project.The rainbow bridge is more than 800 meter long, and is the attraction point to the customers coming from the subway station. From the rainbow bridge people can get a clear view of the big media screen of LCM.