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Corporate Spaces for Betevé

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Anoche Architectural lighting
Lead Designers Jordi Ballesta, Stefano Colli and Folch studio
Completion Date 01/07/2018
Project Location Barcelona, Spain
Entry Description

Betevé is the transmedia television channel from Barcelona. The redesign of the interior spaces headquarters is part of a rebranding project for the company known as The Imperfect City, a discourse and narrative based on a straight, face to face view of the city, a vision without artifice.

Such honest and plain spaces are solved by simple, cost effective materials.

The interior signage and graphic identity is painted directly on the walls, using the corporate colours of red, white and dark grey.

The stairwells receive red-filtered light projected on walls of the same color, to highlight and indicate the vertical paths of the building; a tribute to James Turrell and his installations, capable of generating abstract places in which the physical limits of space are lost.

The integrated lighting system allows different spatial scenes but with the same brand concept to be generated by controlling the intensity and colour of the light sources.