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Christ Cathedral

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Francis Krahe & Associates
Lead Designers Francis Krahe
Completion Date July 17, 2019
Project Location Garden Grove, CA
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Entry Description

Christ Cathedral re-opened July 2019 after a $77 million renovation which included a mesmerizing daylighting&electric lighting system which blankets the more than 10,000 panes of glass.The project represents a masterful solution that incorporates both lighting design&daylighting on grand scale in an iconic building. Lighting is comprised of multiple layers of light,in low intensities for ambient lighting,& few high intensity spotlights to allow for focused highlighted functions.Lighting control equipment&separate light component systems allow for multiple combinations of lighting functions, hierarchical light levels,&focal points.Direct accent lights provide higher illuminance for key aspects of the worship space with appropriate hierarchy&prominence.Specially designed quatrefoil shades control the sunlight&house the electric light. Arranged in various states of openness,the quatrefoils modulate the light,reduce glare,&create geometric patterns on the cathedral interior.The quatrefoils shade the sun&re-align the focal point for visitors. The lighting system provides a comfortable illumination for congregation&celebrants,which defines a sense of dignity&scale to each sacred space.