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Japanese bath, Yasuragi

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Eco Konsult I Stockholm Ab
Lead Designers Tatiana Bibikova
Completion Date 2018-01-01
Project Location Stockholm, Sweden
Entry Description

Designed by Japanese architect Yoji Kasajima and built in 1972 training centre wowadays it is a hotel with conference and SPA facilities in Japanese style which has undergone extensive renovation in 2017.
The main architectural concept and approach to material selection has been preserved - raw concrete, wood and tile textures are important parts of the space. Architects of the project created bespoke ceiling structure for the pool area and lighting was designed as an integral part of it. For different types of small pools and bathes the “room-within-room” concept was used. Each of such spaces has its own character which is also supported by the lighting. Particular attention was paid to vertical surfaces for improved space perception and surfaces qualities.
One the unique features of the SPA facility is a so-called rock room. The interior of the room is literally a natural rock formation which look mesmerising with the play of shadows created by luminaries in the bottom of the pool.
Due to the demanding environment in the pool area, almost all equipment needed to have not only a high IP class but also be able to withstand high temperatures and high humidity.