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Lang Jiu Ren He Cave

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Sony Wang,Meng Chen, Pei Luo Huahua Tian
Completion Date MAR,2019
Project Location Renhe Cave, Er Lang Town, Gulin, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province,China
Entry Description

When it comes to Renhe Cave, we have to say that Tianbao Cave and Dibao Cave, these three caves are the world's largest natural wine cave group selected in the Guinness Book of records. If Tianbao Cave and Dibao Cave is the end of the dragon and the phoenix, then Renhe Cave is the fish diving, mysterious and charming, the combination of the three implies the heaven and earth harmony, endless.
Renhe Cave can be traced back to 180 million years. Its shape is like three big fish with their fins and tails open. People can't help sighing the wonder of nature.