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Coca-Cola Arena

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company UMAYA Lighting Design
Lead Designers Alex Shaw
Completion Date 2018
Project Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Entry Description

With capacity for 17000 visitors, the arena includes hospitality suites, royal boxes, VIP suites & premier clubs. We were involved in working on public & VIP spaces including the main foyer, concourse, VIP entrance & suites, dine & view, premiere club, F&B & performers spaces.

Our aim was to generate a consistent, vibrant & dynamic strategy that delivers required lighting levels & allow for easy mobility, a strategy that allowed flexibility to generate scenes for the various happenings taking place. This was done by using several light layers. Easy maintenance of light was important; so a DALI control system was employed.

Inspired by geometric patterns of the façade, simple lines are used through the arena’s public spaces, with the main entrance lobby lighting installation being the focal point.

These lights transfer to other areas; generating the same language of linearity in a simpler way.

Another aim was to make sure visible areas from the arena were eye-attracting. The dine & view area as an example; where a bespoke lighting installation above the bar was proposed to be central to the space giving it the opportunity to be admired from everywhere.