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Beijing Sino-Ocean International Center

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Sony Wang,Qiangning Jiang,Hong Peng,Caoyuting Chen
Completion Date Oct.2018
Project Location Beijing,China
Entry Description

Ocean international center is located in Beijing A building lobby interior upgrading project, interior designers to adopt the "wood" element, the details in metope use regular stripe texture show intention to "trunk", to express the design concept of "growth", the interpretation of natural, health, innovation, convey the breakthrough, the upward spirit idea, for health office injection temperature and vitality;
The lighting design takes advantage of the irregular triangular shape of the space to design the LED light box mode of uniform lighting, providing uniform basic lighting for the space, and ensuring the illumination of the floor of 8 meters high in the night mode to reach 350LX. The brightness of the light box during the day can balance the influence of daylight on the lobby.
A sustainable design, to bring healthy light for office staff, create a structured, comfortable and relaxed environment, the office building will become a spiritual exchange, communication initiative and quality of life experience space.