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Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center Free Sky cloud sightseeing floor

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company brandston partnership inc.
Lead Designers Sony Wang ?Qiangning Jiang?Xiaoxi Xiong
Completion Date Sep,2018
Project Location Shenzhen,China
Entry Description

The cloud sightseeing layer of Shenzhen Ping'an financial center is located on the 116 floor of Ping'an financial center, with a super vision of 541 meters high above the ground, integrating sightseeing, entertainment, cultural creativity and popular science education. It is not only a sightseeing landmark with cultural connotation in Shenzhen, but also an attempt to combine scientific and technological experience with humanistic content, which represents the new experience of quality life and spiritual culture in the city.
In order to better interpret the space of technology and art, interior designers, inspired by the change of "cloud", use a large number of arc designs to inject into the whole space, so that "cloud sightseeing" is full of a sense of future.