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La Ultima Casa

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company J.Y. Lighting Design
Lead Designers Tsung-Nan Yuan
Completion Date 2015
Project Location Taiwan, Taichung
Entry Description

Located near the forest park, its wavy curved appearance blends with the natural environment, incorporating the trees and landscape into daily lives, which adds the sense of elegance of the swaying trees into the building.
The 2700K lights brighten the pedestal, its indirect halation creates a more comfortable sight for the eyes. The ground lights provide guidance for the pedestrians and vehicles, which adds a sense of aesthetics to the atmosphere in addition to its functionality.
Aside from receiving natural lights, the balcony can also create an ambience using light source at night, utilizing indirect halation from the bottom to the top, presenting a rich layering to the building. The shadow of the tree reflects at the balcony top, creating a sense of elegance and tranquility like an oriental ink painting.
The floodlights illuminate the curving frame, presenting a subtle glow like stars at nights, extending the light of the building into the city skyline.