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2019 Numismatic Plan presentation

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company VisionOnset
Lead Designers Goncalo Andrade Pires
Completion Date March 2019
Project Location INCM building factory Facade - Lisbon
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Entry Description

Commissioned by the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office (Government) to launch the 2019 Numismatic Plan for the commemorative coins, VisionOnset created a live lighting performance, Sound and Video Mapping over the building’s facade and front entrance.

The project was a new challenge as the facade was not completely flat (the two side walls were 45 degrees angled advanced) and the area distance for projection was too short for the standards. So, using a wide-angle lens was the only possible way to project the facade with the CHRISTIE BOXER 4K30. The other adjacent walls were light painted with RGB Light Washers and beams and the whole front garden was also strategically filled with more RGB light projectors, all operated live via DMX to create a fully colored painted facade and a more immersive experience.

The VideoMapping had to be totally adapted to the façade not only in geometry but also in color correction and aberration as the green tilled façade absorbed almost every other color projected there. The solution was to calculate the amounts of green of each image and suppress it as much as possible to have a “somewhat” nicer and perceptible blending