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Beyond Walls

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lam Partners
Lead Designers Dan Weissman
Completion Date 6/29/18
Project Location Lynn, MA
Entry Description

The non-profit organization Beyond Walls is an engaged group of business owners, residents and artists creating public art, seeking to revitalize Lynn, MA, and to offer improved wayfinding and a sense of security in the heart of the downtown area. The project sought to illuminate three city underpasses, all with differing structures, with the desire to create cohesion between the differing areas.

Market Street, standing alone, serves as the informal entrance into the city via car. Programmable color-changing marquee lights were added along intermittent structural lines which blend from parallax views. To heighten the perimeter for both visual appeal and pedestrian safety, each sidewalk and median zone were illuminated to higher levels.

Washington Street’s underpass of steel planks offered no location for integrated light, so linear fixtures with graze optics were mounted just below the steel structure, blanketing the underpass with light.

The pedestrian connection from Washington Street to Central Square features structural bays, perfect for lighting. Dynamic color changing spotlights were located at at one end of each bay, shining across to illuminate the full bay.