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Vila Nova Star Hospital

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Mingrone Iluminacao
Lead Designers Antonio Carlos Mingrone
Completion Date May 2019
Project Location São Paulo
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Entry Description

The patient’s comfort and well-being is one of the main goals of the architecture and lighting design project of Rede D'Or's latest hospital, Vila Nova Star - opened in May 2019 in the city of São Paulo - with very refined and sophisticated interiors. Intending to create a cozy space that resembles a Family house, the lighting design of the rooms – created by Mingrone Iluminação - presents an innovative proposal of Tunable White systems, which means it mimics the variation of sunlight during the day, keeping the circadian rhythm regulated. Circadian rhythms are kept in sync by some variables and light is a major factor. When it is in high frequency and intensity, it promotes alertness, while a lack of it signals the body to reduce energy and prepare for rest. Thus, by simulating circadian rhythm patterns inside of a hospital (where patients are indoors all day), artificial lighting can support a healthy cycle. The system can achieve this efficiency by automatically changing the brightness and hue of light throughout the day, reflecting external conditions and providing more comfort to the patient undergoing health treatment.