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Visitor Centre Mosterei Möhl, Arbon

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company vogtpartner & Sektor4
Lead Designers Ch. Vogt, A. Aicher & M. Wilcken-Frey
Completion Date September 2018
Project Location Arbon, Thurgau, Switzerland
Entry Description

The new building of the visitor centre MoMö, a five-generation-family-business that processes apple juice and cider, is a contemporary interpretation of a functional barn. It allows young and older people to experience how local fruit is used to elaborate this "nectar", following the old traditions with the most modern processes.

An 18-meters-long chandelier with countless warm-light dots, specially developed for this project, crowns the start-point of the circuit, the juice-bar and the shop providing the essential experience of the large variety of apple based products.

The well-known feeling of mysterious darkness in a barn is the basis of the light language. It allows the smooth guidance of visitors and the "flaring" light experiences intensify the discoverer feeling and provide liveliness of the exhibits.

The distinction between architecture object and exhibition area is strengthened by the use of different color temperatures. The exhibition and places of experience are generally warmly lit, while the essential architectural spaces is with neutral light temperature. Overlaps of both are intentional and the lighting emphasis lies with the museum light.