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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Marco Miglioli
Lead Designers Marco Miglioli
Completion Date 2018 october 26 - 2019 march 17
Project Location Milan, Italy. Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Gallerie d'Italia museum.
Entry Description

Through the lighting project, we did not want to show the Romanticism in its sweetened, "romantic" form, as it's commonly imagined, but instead it has been decided to bring out its dramatic, anguished side.
The two souls of Romanticism blend into one: the soul of the heroes and the mythological figures and the soul of the monster that arises from them as in a sort of Frankenstein or Dracula, novels written precisely in that period. Through the exhibition the shadows of the sculptures become artworks themselves symbolizing, in a deformed and terrifying way, the soul inside the statue; the itinerary winds along corridors and rooms between illuminated and dark sections in a round trip between light and darkness.