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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Teddy Lo Studio
Lead Designers Teddy Lo
Completion Date November 23, 2017
Project Location Hong Kong
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Entry Description

Quintessence is a spiritual communication portal. The interactive light sculpture offers a collective audio-visual experience based on a mix of digital new media – sensors, social media, and big data triggers, with a feedback system through LED lighting and an audio landscape. Evolving from the artist’s research on spirituality and technology, it is inspired by an astral divine figure – Metatron, whose supreme stature inspires knowledge, ascension, and spiritual growth.

The sculpture’s light rays offer a cosmic alchemy aiding an experience of collective unconscious. Custom-made LED diodes are implemented on braided wire (CABLED, patented by artist) for elongation and most effective energy consumption. Synchronised visual light sequences and audio appear according to interactive triggers from viewer's photo submissions to Instagram. These are analysed by a custom coding, mathematical program that triggers visual and audio cues in real-time. The interactive ‘light codes’, stored as a higher form of intelligent energy, can be downloaded as signals from the archangel with messages of guidance – encouraging humans to embrace their physiological, imaginative, and spiritual evolvement.