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Furniture Store Möbel Martin Saarbrücken Germany

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tobias Link Lichtplaung
Lead Designers Oliver and Tobias Link
Completion Date May 2019
Project Location Saarbrücken
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Entry Description

The furniture shop chain Möbel Martin has opened a new house. The calculation of the daylight input during the course of the year was elementary for the artificial lighting planning. The architecture of the four-storey building is characterised by a high atrium, large glass surfaces in the entrance area and a glazed upper gallery. Funnel-shaped suspended luminaires illuminate the entrance area, continuing the straightforward character of the architecture. LEDs and radial Fresnel optics provide brilliant and diffuse light. In the atrium, light bands emphasise the vertical lines of the building, with the blue component of the light increasing slightly upwards to enhance the sky effect. The restaurant has an even ceiling surface that reflects the graphic line of the atrium. Direct and indirect lighting is provided by downlights, wallwashers, picture and accent luminaires and pendant luminaires. The entire lighting on 30,000 m2 adapts to the daylight in terms of colour and intensity. "HCL" A high colour rendering value enables customers to assess the product world authentically. The entire lighting design and the development of all special luminaires were carried out by Tobias Link.