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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Lam Partners
Lead Designers Glenn Heinmiller, Dan Weissman, Jack Riser
Completion Date 4/26/19
Project Location Boston, MA
Entry Description

Meant as a space for public interface, Autodesk’s BUILD space includes multiple areas for congregation, collaboration, and work. An espresso bar and “Thinking Studio” form the entry, featuring a 55’ long direct-indirect ‘pill’ shaped pendant, a color-changing cove, and articulated pendant uplights to illuminate an expanded metal mesh ceiling. Six additional meeting spaces in the core all employ foamed aluminum ceilings, with unique lighting for each space, save for one room – the cylindrical “Kiva,” which features a luminous ceiling employing programmable, tunable white nodes floating just above the stretched fabric.The project includes two large open office spaces; In one, linear fixtures arranged in tandem with a clever baffle design to deliver a visually dynamic, yet comfortable luminous environment. Connection to the west wing office space is created through glowing arches, leading to a luminous core wall of backlit Panelite, and a herringbone pattern of glowing tubes.