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CMPC corporate building

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Limarí Lighting Design
Lead Designers Pascal Chautard, Felipe Grandon, Aquiles Pavez
Completion Date 2019
Project Location Los Angeles, Chile
Entry Description

The project is a corporate building located 500km south from Santiago, Chile, the client, CMPC one of the keyplayer on paper and wood market, order a wood building . The building accomodate 470 employees in an approximated 10000 2 meters surface. It´s 203 meters long 16m wide and has three levels.
The building is certified LEED and FSC (forest stewardship Council) and the client was very aware about sustainable issues, our lighting project obviously take care of this criteria but we also decided to take care about architectural formal expression and visual confort of the users.
The luminaires are generally integrated into the wood structure and almost disappear as to show the architecture and the welcoming ambient created with the warm iluminated wood. The control of lighting system is an automatic balance between daylight contribution and electrical light, the office spaces are complying with UGR < 19 and every user have the possibility to swith on or not an additiional light system included into the furmiture as to improve their experience.
The corridor is lighted with very small downlights wich are integrated into the air climate control grid and quiet desappear