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Casa Hercilio Luz

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company allume arquitetura iluminação
Lead Designers Marina Makowiecky
Completion Date june 2019
Project Location Florianópolis - SC
Entry Description

Lighting project developed to enhance the historical building of 1848 and granted by the State historical heritage in 2002. After its complete restoration the Hercílio's Luz House gone through a complete restoration process for 5 years, completed in June of this year. The lighting project was developed with the purpose of valuing the historical characteristics of the architecture respecting its peculiarities and aligned with the future use (which will be a rental spot for private events), surching as minimum constructive and visual interference as possible, both in the facade, interior (ground fl., 2nd floor and basement) exploring indirect light and landscaping which was designed with low height linear ilumination showing the pathway and the
stairway shaped ground combined with some highlights of the few existing tall trees allowing the building to be only protagonist.
We have used only LED equipment in this project. Linear lights for horizontal elements and resseced or surface-mounted mini projectors with narrow, wide or asymmetrical beams, according to the desired effect for vertical ones. Drivers, when needed, were grouped into easy-access locations for future maintenance.