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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Hilights Sal
Lead Designers Maurice Asso
Completion Date 1st of july 2018
Project Location 12th floor, G1 (rodeo drive) building naccache seaside road, lebanon.
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Entry Description

Spine sits on a rooftop amidst floating lights that zigzag and seesaw on a steel structure. Translucent panels sit upright or flat on top of the steel creating a distinctive silhouette amid the city. The concept behind Gatserelia Design was to create a skyline of a city starting from a chaotic structure which carries skyline elements and integrates hidden lights. Methacrylate panels were used to create a surface to illuminate and animate said skyline. Strips of light (RGBW-12W/m-341lm/W-pitch 1cm) are flushed with the surface of the steel, special DMX components allowing the control over every 10cm of the strips individually allowing a complete animation similar to pixilation. The towering panels pop up when lit and dissolve when turned off. 6000-address lights are controlled via DMX computer that controls every pixel individually using video animation. This light show can be synched manually or automatically so as the music shifts, lights shift along with to induce chromesthesia in this sci-fi city. The general lighting is also supported by small, well-shielded lights that accentuate tables and the central bar. All lights are positioned as so not to light toward the night sky.