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The Rothschild Collection

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company pfarré lighting design
Lead Designers Gerd Pfarré
Completion Date May 2019
Project Location Museum Goldkammer, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Entry Description

The Goldkammer is one of the most modern museums in Europe and the Rothschild Room is the final space to visit in the exhibition. The walls of the 64 sqm space are completely covered with two-way mirrors. On three sides the walls are equipped with high-resolution LED-screens, installed behind the glass layers. The unique Rothschild Collection of 300 bullions from 35 countries with a total weight of 230 kg is presented in 38 vitrines which are integrated in the fourth wall. Two minimal, glare-reduced systems for have been selected: very slim LED-lines have been placed slightly recessed in the gaps of the ceiling. They are equipped with custom-made louvers and serve as dimmable, ambient lighting elements - without interfering the visitor's attention for the collection or the full-screen media presentation. The second lighting system of modified, recessed Mini-LED-Downlights serves for special occasions and with predefined, dimmable punctual scenarios for seminars and various banquet arrangements in the space. Two additional systems had been developed for the vitrines: a spatial light with silk-covered, backlit panels, and an invisible fibre optic system with two beam angles.