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Chongqing Cloud Club

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Beijing Bamboo Lighting Design
Lead Designers Wanjun Bai&lili Zhou
Completion Date 1 year
Project Location Chongqing,China
Entry Description

Chongqing Cloud Club is located in liangjiang new district, a suburb of chongqing ,in the mountains of longxing ancient town.
This is a reborn building that intersects the language of Chinese ancient architecture and modern architecture.It has the functions of painting and calligraphy communication, tea conversation, official banquet, classic sichuan opera performance, art exhibition and small meeting.
The lighting design of this project, aiming at architectural characteristics and functional presuppositions, fully highlights the expression of site temperament and architectural characteristics under the premise of meeting functional requirements, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is a typical classic presentation of Chinese traditional literati temperament and architectural style in the new era.