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Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company Tochka
Lead Designers Takeshi Nagata
Completion Date 28 NOV 2018 – 19 JAN 2019
Project Location Amsterdam
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Entry Description

The subject of this work of art is the communication that we have with people in regular home environment, such as family members, roommates, and neighbours. With these people, we send and receive numerous messages on a daily basis, with all of our senses playing a role in that process. In small groups, the schoolchildren came up with different 'activities' to represent this theme: lighting the candles on a birthday cake to wish your father or mother a happy birthday, singing a song because you're happy, or banging the ceiling to stop the noise from the upstairs neighbours. The children painted these scenes using small light sources. Every time, twelve short recordings were made, showing the scene change bit by bit. Played back in succession, these images together form a short animation. The children could watch the results live on a screen, making it immediately visible that light, in addition to paint, chalk and pencil, could be used as a 'medium'. This way, they had the chance to experience what it’s like to be a real artist.