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Jumeirah Nanjing Hotel, China

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company JBS Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Hen-Chao Shih
Completion Date 2018.09
Project Location Nanjing, China
Entry Description

This project is Inspired by the historical elements of Nanjing, China. The design concept of the interior space of the hotel is based on the modern design style, which reinterprets the literary elegance of the ancient capital of Nanjing and evokes a strong sense of place in culture and geography.

In the atrium, the eight-story height dragon scale texture stone plates feature wall becomes the most important visual focal point of the entire atrium and the hotel, which is inspired by the black dragon legends of the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake. Different beam angle of flood lights hiding behind the GRC wall to create the hierarchy of the clever commutation between light and shadow, which reflects the three-dimensional dragon scales. The white GRG facade is lit to form the background and to enhance the beauty and sense of mystery of the feature wall.

the 2400K-2700K color temperature and high CRI LED lighting fixtures have been used for the hotel. The balance of light and shade contrast has been concerned in this project.