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The Spur High Line

Prize(s) Honorable Mentions
Company L'Observatoire International
Lead Designers Hervé Descottes
Completion Date 2019
Project Location New York, New York, USA
Entry Description

On June 5, 2019, the High Line opened its newest section, the Spur, which includes the High Line Plinth with Simone Leigh’s Brick House. Extending east along West 30th Street and terminating above 10th Avenue, the Spur is the last section of the original rail structure to be converted into public space. The Plinth is the first site on the High Line dedicated solely to a rotating series of new, monumental, contemporary art commissions.

The High Line is an urban oasis, with an emphasis on “urban” – even amid the park’s tallest trees, one is still very much aware of the city. Once night falls this impression is even greater, as flowers and branches fade into shadow and the lights of New York City shine brightly in the evening sky.

“Keeping our sensory observation central, lighting design not only introduces functional lighting on an architecture or landscape, but also enhances our experience. The experience is completely different at night than it is during the day, keeping the sense of mystery and fascination alive,” says Hervé Descottes Principal at L'Observatoire International.