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La Petite Colombe

Prize(s) Winners in Hospitality Lighting Design
Company One to One Design Studio
Lead Designers Martin Doller
Client La Petite Colombe
Photo Credits Inge Prins
Other Credits Interior Designer: MR., Architect: DHK
Entry Description

La Petite Colombe - “little dove” - offers diners the highest level of excellence, from service to exquisite multi-course lunches and dinners sprinkled with touches of whimsy and drama for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. The lighting scheme played an important role in achieving this. Subtle concealed indirect lighting improved the visual comfort of the space, while rechargeable and dimmable table lamps at the table empowered the guests to set their own mood and light intensity ensuring a tailored and unique experience for all. In this environment Food is the main focus, even the bar lighting is intentionally low so as not to distract from the culinary displays on each table. Pendants over the water stations provide a central ‘campfire’ glow to the space. Wall sconces provide the perimeter glow along with Reflection in the windows contain the space. The inspiration for the interior is very much based on the exterior and the land and the idea of transforming raw materials from the earth into beautiful man crafted objects. Stucco walls are textured and tactile. Enhancing material, texture, color and finish was emphasized with a variety of light types from softer ambient diffused linear light sources to focused lensed accent light to dramatically illuminated texture where the marks of human touch and making are apparent.
Company Description

Lighting Design Studio: Product and Architectural.