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Prize(s) Winners in Illuminated Home Décor
University Udit - Universidad De Diseño Y Tecnología
Lead Designers Sofía Martín Franco
Completion Date 2023
Project Location Madrid, Spain
Entry Description

Tratteggio consists of a luminaire that combines the tradition of artisanal ceramic craftsmanship with modern technology of 3D printing in order to meet contemporary needs. Inspired by the hair of the young woman depicted in the iconic Portrait of Giovanna Tornabuoni by Ghirlandaio found at Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Spain, the product is composed of a delicate cylindrical main piece made of translucent porcelain, which can fulfill the function of a lamp by attaching it to a wooden or metal structure, but can also be used as a candle holder or a vase. It has been designed in three different sizes to decorate the home and adapt to it by mixing and combining the pieces.

The surface of the piece, crafted by extruding hard-paste porcelain layer by layer through a fine nozzle, is reminiscent of the 'tratteggio' Italian painting technique, consisting of the superimposition of thin parallel strokes of pure colors to create texture and the illusion of light. The resulting wavy texture alludes to the golden curls of the woman portrayed in the painting. The piece is left uncoated to preserve the organic texture of the clay, its translucency, its capacity to absorb aromas, and its slightly ivory shades. The warm lighting colors emanating from the product draw inspiration from the color palette of the painting. All of these elements contribute to a sense of peace in the home.
Sustainability Approach

The sustainability approach for Tratteggio arises from the preservation of cultural traditions, as well as the multifunctional nature of the product. Porcelain is a natural material that has been used for centuries in traditional pottery, and it is now utilized to create a modern product inspired by an iconic piece of art from the year 1488, aiming to keep communities connected to their roots while adapting to contemporary circumstances. Supporting local artisans to produce the piece is also a key factor in the project. Furthermore, the product promotes sustainability by maximizing resource utilization, such as energy and materials, and minimizing waste as far as possible. This is achieved by designing a product that is able to fulfill multiple purposes in a single element and by reusing material waste, such as porcelain.