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Luminous Solace

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting / Interactive Lighting Products
University Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Reina Mun
Photo Credits Reina Mun
Completion Date 2023-04-01
Project Location Cambridge, Masachusetts
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Entry Description

Luminous Solace is an interactive chromatic light that beckons users to embark on an exploratory journey into the soothing and comforting experience of fidgeting motions with light and colors. The light comes with a peripheral tactile fidgeting device, designed with an assortment of textures and touch-sensitive switches for haptic interactions. The device interacts with the lighting object with convex diffusor, which casts a variety of colorscapes that transform in response to fidgeting motions. Participants can use the tactile switches to toggle between the five colorscape integrated into Luminous Solace.
As the participant fondle and massage the fidget device with their hands, the recurrent motions influence the color dynamics, modifying its hues, patterns, dimensions, and compositions. Subsequently, these alterations permeate the encompassing space, generating a distinct manifestation of emotional comfort and tranquility. The amalgamation of tactile manipulation and luminance cultivates a serene encounter, fostering an atmosphere of calmness and equilibrium. Perhaps this is a way to unwind after a long day at work, walking into a darkened room with nothing but a glowing array of mesmerizing colors and lights in the corner. Luminous Solace facilitates an immersive environment that encourages users to delve into the therapeutic experiences of tactile engagement.
Sustainability Approach

All the materials used in this project are recycled. This includes recycled acrylics, plexiglass, and aluminum.