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The Natural Light

Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
University Parsons School of Design (The New School)
Lead Designers Anthony Isaac
Photo Credits Anthony Isaac
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location New York City
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Entry Description

The Natural Light (TNL) table lamp is meant to provoke a conscious recognition of our contrived relationship with natural phenomena—specifically sunlight. We crave the sun’s nourishment, but seek to obtain its benefits through manufactured facsimiles: infrared saunas, countertop herb gardens, light therapy devices, etc. Embracing our desire to bend nature to fit self-inflicted constraints of contemporary life, TNL is a philosophical artifact intended for everyday use.
Sustainability Approach

The Natural Lamp can be assembled and disassembled completely by hand into its disparate materials. This increases opportunities for flat pack shipping as well as potential for end of life recycling.

The final decision to spec the main components in hardwood and injection molded polycarbonate was based on balancing environmental impact with aesthetic qualities and durability with the goal of keeping the product in the home (rather than the landfill) for as many years as possible. This decision was vetted through a life cycle analysis study that included various combinations of metal, glass, and plastic.