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Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
University Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Lead Designers MarĂ­a De Las Heras Alonso
Entry Description

The standout feature of this lamp is its helix-shaped low-iron alass, which is illuminated by a surface of LEDs. The glass has been meticulously designed with small holes on its surface, which creates an unperfect lighting effect inside the glass. The light refraction gives the impression of dancing flames, much like those seen in a firework display.

To ensure the best posible visual experience, the glass is made of low-iron glass to prevent green reflections from appearing on the thin parts of the component. This attention to detail ensures that the only focus is on the beautiful lights inside the glass, which are what create the stunning firework effect. The Firework Lamp is the perfect addition to any room at home, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that is both stylish and unique. Its striking design is sure to impress anyone who sets their eves on it. making it the perfect conversation starter for your next gathering.

Add a touch of magic to your home with the Firework Lamp, and watch as it transforms your living space into a dazzling display of light and beauty.

Sustainability Approach

The Pyros lamp is a sustainable step forward, featuring energy-efficient LEDs and premium-quality low-iron glass and black granite. Low-iron glass maximizes light transmission, reducing energy needs. With durability in mind, high-quality materials enhance longevity and resist wear, minimizing replacements. By creating a visually appealing product that transcends trends and fads, the lamp reduces the likelihood of becoming obsolete and being discarded prematurely. It is also designed to be easily repairable and upgradable. Both low-iron glass and black granite can be recycled, reducing end-of-life environmental impact, allowing users to replace individual components. The lamp promotes longevity and discourages frequent replacements, which in turn reduces waste and conserves resources. This approach acknowledges sustainability as an ongoing journey, striving for continuous improvement.