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Prize(s) Winners in Decorative Accent Lamps
University School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Lead Designers Yucheng Guo
Completion Date 03/2023
Entry Description

A decorative accent lamp that will transform any space into a serene oasis. Crafted using the 3D printing technology, each piece of "Waves" is as unique and dynamic as a stone drop in water. This organic and elegant design captures the beauty of motion, bringing a sense of movement and stillness to any room.

The smooth, organic surfaces of "Waves" allow for lighting to filter through the gaps, casting a beautiful and reflective glow across the room. When viewed from the top, "Waves" transforms into a blooming flower, adding a touch of natural beauty to d├ęcor.

I hope "Waves" inspires meditation and reflection in those who see it. With its emphasis on the balance of movement and stillness, "Waves" embodies the philosophy of finding peace and tranquility in the midst of a busy world.