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Atomic Chandelier

Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
University Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch
Lead Designers Afshin Mehdizadegan Hosseini
Other Designer's names Ali Mehdizadegan Hosseini
Completion Date 2023
Project Location Iran, Tehran
Entry Description

This chandelier, inspired by the atom, seamlessly blends science and art. The central glass element serves as a symbolic representation of the atomic nucleus, emitting a soft and subdued glow. To establish an effective connection between the atom's behavior and the chandelier's design, the decision was made to represent the electron's motion within a specific orbit in a tangible way. This was achieved through the use of light enclosed within delicate glass tubes, effectively displaying the electron pathways within the chandelier's structure.
Sustainability Approach

At each stage of developing this concept, we carefully ensured that the design remains both achievable for production and faithfully represents the atomic essence within the chandelier.
This chandelier is primarily decorative, so the light that emanates from these glass tubes is gentle and just enough to create a pleasing ambiance without being too harsh on the eyes.