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Moist Sparkle

Prize(s) Winners in Artisan Glass Blown Lighting
University Hochschule Wismar
Lead Designers Arash Abbaszadeh
Client Galerie wolkenbank kunst+räume
Other Credits Supervised by Prof. Jan Blieske and Prof. Bettina Menzel
Completion Date November, 2022
Project Location Dorfstrasse 5/7, 23992 Klein Warin, Germany
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Entry Description

Due to the climate changes, it would be hard to say precisely in late November; the “Moist Sparkle” light art installation aimed to capture the interplay between morning moisture and daylight. This concept draws poetic inspiration from metaphors in much German literature, likening this phenomenon to morning dew on silver hair. The heart of this metaphor's concept served as the inspiration for this light art installation. As a result, viewers perceived a twilight-like interference that felt simultaneously strange and familiar, residing in their subconscious with unexpected material.
Furthermore, the project delved into experimenting with the interaction of winter horizon sun rays in the realm of light art. The installation artfully employs very cold color temperature artificial light and, elegantly intersects with the extended blue hours of northern Europe's winter. Executing this artistic concept involved the experimental scattering of droplets within an incomplete sphere, each containing varying salt and water concentrations.
Through this simple technique and utilizing one narrow beam up-lighting, the project attempted to graze and vivid the minuscule bubbles within the drops that appeared with the outer layer dew. Consequently, the artisan glass-blown lighting art installation yielded two markedly distinct experiences, viewable from both micro and macro perspectives.