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Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
University Georgia Institute of Technology
Lead Designers Lei Ji
Photo Credits Lei Ji
Completion Date 05/30/2023
Project Location Atlanta
Entry Description

With LASSO, people have the freedom to create a lamp that fits their personality and lifestyle.

LASSO is a one-of-a-kind lamp that combines sleek aesthetics with practical functionality. The lamp features a minimalist design with a light shade that is supported by a flexible silicone cord. This cord can be easily wrapped around any object of your choice, allowing for endless personalization and creativity.

To create your personalized lamp, simply wrap the cord around any object of your choice. The cord is also flexible but sturdy enough to become its own structural piece of art. To turn it on and off, you just need to tap the light shade simply. The lamp shade itself also emits a warm, ambient light that creates a cozy atmosphere in any space.

The lamp itself uses accessible materials and a simple structure to make it affordable and enable everyone to enjoy designer furniture that can express their unique personality. The LASSO is an experimental combination of simplicity and pliability. It leaves room for expression, thoughts, and personality.

Overall, the design of the LASSO lamp emphasizes user interaction, giving users the freedom to be fun, be bold, and be creative. It is a statement piece that adds personality and flair to any space.
Sustainability Approach

The packaging for the Lasso lamp is made of molded pulp, a material derived from recycled fibers, which can be conveniently recycled after its useful life. This design not only maintains the functionality of protecting the lamp, but also creates intriguing silhouettes, lending it a stylish appeal.