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Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
University Rmit University
Lead Designers Chelline Graciella Soejono
Completion Date 07-06-2023
Project Location Melbourne, Australia
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Entry Description

Hearth addresses the challenges of a busy and unstimulating work environment by creating a supportive and pleasant atmosphere for productivity.

Hearth continues to interact with users personally and involve them in productive activities by utilizing two impactful components in lighting, namely illuminance and light temperature. The system incorporates the "Pomodoro Technique" by using cool white light for 25 minutes and switching to warm light for a 5-minute break. The lamp also promotes reading as a beneficial break activity in a fun and magical way. The sensor detects when a book is removed, triggering a switch to neutral white light for optimal reading conditions.

Hearth's unique design features LEDs on both the upper and lower sides, allowing flexible light direction adjustment. This process involves interactions with the ceramic texture, offering an immersive and enjoyable multi-sensory experience. A sensory button pad enables brightness control and display customization, enhancing user engagement. The product's emotionally durable design is complemented by its use of eco-friendly and recyclable ceramic material.

Hearth aims to enhance the user's wellness and productivity by producing immersive lighting that combines beauty, functionality, interactivity, and durability.
Sustainability Approach

Hearth employs ultrasonic sensors to enhance energy efficiency, automatically turning off lights when unattended based on presence detection within a 50 cm radius.

Ceramics were chosen as the primary material due to its long lifespan, recyclability, and minimal production machinery, enabling energy-efficient manufacturing for small to large batches. Hearth avoids dyes and glazes, utilizing ceramics' natural colour and texture to reduce wastewater pollution and blend with diverse workspaces.

In addition, the durable material is also supported by an emotionally durable design that builds user relationships through an immersive multi-sensory experience, aiming for long-term retention.

Lastly, the circular economy is integrated, allowing customers to easily attach and detach electronic components for repair, promoting longevity and managing e-waste.