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Prize(s) Winners in Solar Lighting
University Pratt Institute
Lead Designers Siyu Xiao
Completion Date May 2023
Project Location Brooklyn
Entry Description

Delta is an intelligent campus street lamp that uses solar panels to provide clean energy and store it to cope with different weather conditions. It is also equipped with light and motion sensors that automatically adjust the lighting mode according to the surrounding brightness and pedestrian activity. These intelligent features help Delta address energy waste, over-illumination, and uneven campus lighting, providing a more environmentally friendly and smart lighting solution.

Sustainability Approach

Delta embraces the concept of sustainability with minimal form, decoration, and structure. It has 2 injection molded symmetrical shells, and installed with 3 directions of led lights, solar panels, battery, and sensors, making Delta quick and easy to assemble. The angle between the solar panel and the ground is 41 degrees, which is the optimal angle for the New York region all year round to collect solar energy at the highest efficiency. The light-sensitive dimmer can detect external light and adjust the brightness accordingly. It automatically turns off when ambient light levels are sufficient and turns on when light levels are low. The motion sensor can detect movements within a 3 meters range and activate the front light to provide road illumination for pedestrians. In low-light conditions, the side led emits a dim light to guide people in the distance, even if the front light is off.