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Bremen lamp

Prize(s) Winners in Pendant Lighting
University University of Iowa
Lead Designers Suleyman Aslan
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Iowa City, Iowa
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Entry Description

In the embrace of Vietnam's mesmerizing rice fields, Bremen Lamp found inspiration as a hanging lamp design, seeking to capture the perfect harmony of layered serenity and seamless flow. Bremen Lamp unfolds like a folding telescope, embracing users with its ethereal glow while echoing the beauty of the rice fields. Drawing from the picturesque layers of rice paddies, Bremen Lamp features a collapsible design, three interlocking pieces reminiscent of a telescope. Each piece, smaller than the last, ingeniously fits within one another. With a simple lift, the lamp gracefully expands, transforming into a stunning symphony of radiance. Designed with both the user and the environment in mind, this hanging lamp exudes simplicity and functionality. From compact packaging that eases shipping, to effortless assembly, it brings joy to the user. As a symbol of adaptability, it gracefully collapses for easy storage, promising a seamless blend of beauty and utility. Bremen lamp is 3D printed with PLA filament, 18.5in(W)x13.5(D)x11in(H)
Sustainability Approach

Reduces carbon footprint on packaging and on logistic by stacking each other.